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Okinawa Kerama Islands Introducing sea turtles you can meet while snorkeling!

Sea turtles swimming in the coral reefs of Kerama, Okinawa

The attraction of traveling to Okinawa is not only visiting tourist spots, but also encountering precious creatures that can only be seen in Okinawa. The seas of Okinawa are home to an abundance of rare creatures and fish.

The sea turtle is especially said to bring good luck to people.

Everyone gets so excited when they spot a sea turtle! !

This time, we will introduce the types of sea turtles you can meet while snorkeling in the sea of Okinawa's Kerama Islands, the recommended times, and the places where you can meet them!

INDEX Contents

  • Types and Ecology of Sea Turtles You Can See in Okinawa

  • Best time to see sea turtles

  • Kerama Islands, a recommended spot to meet sea turtles in Okinawa

  • Now to the Kerama Islands in Okinawa! "Let's go meet the sea turtles!"

| Species and Ecology of Sea Turtles in Okinawa

Sea turtles swimming in the sea of Kerama

There are 3 types of sea turtles that you can meet in Okinawa.

Even among those who participate in snorkeling and diving, there are many people who enjoy meeting sea turtles, and they are very popular creatures. However, I don't think there are many opportunities for everyone to learn about the ecology of sea turtles.

Each sea turtle has its own characteristics.Sadly, most species are threatened with extinction.

It is said that three species live in Okinawa: green turtles, loggerhead turtles, and hawksbill turtles.When you come across a sea turtle while snorkeling or diving, take a close look at it.

If you know the ecology and characteristics of each species, you can see them more interestingly!

Green Sea Turtle

Green turtle taking a rest

Although most sea turtles are carnivorous, Green turtles eat seaweed and seaweed, and the pigments they produce are reflected in the fat content of their bodies. The name is derived from the fact that it looks like ">. Weighing up to 300kg, green turtles are larger species in the sea turtle family.

Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerhead turtle swimming in the sea

Next, Loggerhead turtles are called loggerhead turtles because they look like Red in appearance. They are slightly smaller than green turtles and are carnivorous.


A hawksbill turtle with a unique beak

Finally, Hawksbill is known in English as Hawksbill and Avian It comes from the pointed head like a beak. In Japan, many of them appear in the Yaeyama Islands.

| Best time to see sea turtles

sea turtle looking at me

It is said that the best season to see sea turtles in Okinawa is May to August. This is the egg-laying season for sea turtles. Since sea turtles lay their eggs on sandy beaches, you are more likely to see sea turtles in shallow water looking for nesting sites than at other times of the year.

Please note that sea turtles are very delicate creatures. Don't get too close or touch them.

|Kerama Islands, a recommended spot to meet sea turtles in Okinawa

Kerama Islands Sea

When you go snorkeling in Okinawa, you definitely want to meet sea turtles.

Many diving shops also organize tours to meet sea turtles.In particular, the Kerama Islands are famous for spots where you can meet sea turtles, and are popular spots for tours.

The snorkeling course experience in the Kerama Islands provided by NALUWAN Okinawa is also very popular♪

For half a day or a full day, you can fully enjoy the beautiful sea called Kerama Blue in the Kerama Islands♪While observing the ecology of sea turtles up close, you may even be able to swim with them!

Go to the Kerama Islands in Okinawa Now! Let's go meet the sea turtles!

bubble ring in the sea

Sea turtles are usually difficult to observe, but if you stretch your legs a little and go to a remote island, you may be able to meet sea turtles that enjoy swimming in the sea. If you can see them sticking their heads out of the water or swimming vigorously near the coral, it will be the best memory of your trip.

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