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The meeting place

● Meeting place

4-4-1 Mashiki, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture

​On the right side of the administration building

in Ginowan Port Marinanear grass bench

(not in the administration building)

●Meeting time

Please come 10 minutes before the start time.

● Parking lot

There is a parking lot in Ginowan Port Marina. You can use it for 300 yen per day.

There are parking lots for ship owners and general parking lots, but please park in the general parking lots.


● Others

There are shower facilities in the administration building. You can use it for 160 yen after the tour ends.

There are also showers on board.

​● Contact information on the day

080-6485-0099(Naruwan Okinawa Arakawa)

*If you don't know the meeting place or parking lot, please call ​ on your mobile phone.

Photo of meeting place

Access to Naluwan Okinawa


If it is difficult to find the dock, please be sure to call the contact number on the day.
Also, if you are using it for the first time, please leave early.

● By car (rental car)


About 14km from Naha Airport
Duration: about 40 minutes


About 11km from Naha city
Duration: about 30 minutes

About 56 km from Nago city

Duration: about 90 minutes


● By taxi

About 14km from Naha Airport

Approximate fee: about 3,500 yen
Duration: about 40 minutes


About 11km from Naha city

Approximate fee: about 3,000 yen
Duration: about 30 minutes


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