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Okinawa Kerama Chibishi Snorkeling

Kerama Snorkeling Private Tour

Introducing how to play and the points of the tour!

Kerama Islands Chibishi Atoll and boat photo

If you come to the main island of Okinawa, be sure to visit the Kerama Islands Chibishi Atoll

The sea of the Kerama Islands boasts one of the world's most transparent waters.

Since it was designated as a national park in 2014, it has been attracting more and more attention.

If you want to experience the world-famous "Kerama Blue" sea, you can't miss snorkeling and skin diving!

snorkeling underwater photography

One of the most popular islands in the Kerama IslandsKeise Island (Chibishi Atoll) of the Kerama Islands" can be reached in as little as 40 minutes from the main island of Okinawa.You can enjoy it even on a day trip, so be sure to stop by when you visit the main island of Okinawa.This time is Keise Island (Chibishi Atoll) in the Kerama Islands, a must read for those who want to snorkel and skin dive!Introducing points and features of chartered tours.


|Kerama snorkeling, where is the point?

Keiise Island (Chibishi Atoll) is Okinawa Main IslandNaha PortAbout 12km west of Located in the East China SeaThree Islands . Belongs to Kerama Islands It is designated as Kerama Islands National Park.

You can reach any of the islands in about 45 minutes from Ginowan Marina.

|Advantages of Kerama Snorkeling Private Tour

Pictures of sea turtles swimming in the Kerama Islands

We will introduce the benefits of using a chartered tour to enjoy snorkeling on Keisejima (Chibishi Atoll).

1. Family and group fun

That's all there is to a private tour. You can enjoy snorkeling without worrying about other customers on tours such as riding together.

2. Enjoy it empty-handed

Bringing your own snorkeling gear is a bit of a hassle... You can rent a private tour for free.

3. Go to the best spot for the day's sea conditions

In the Okinawa Kerama Snorkeling Tour, you can go to the most beautiful spot of the day by a guide who knows the Kerama sea inside and out. Another advantage of a chartered tour is that you can change the points in consultation with the customer. If you go to Kerama, let's enjoy "Kerama Blue" in the best condition!

|How to enjoy Kerama Snorkeling Private Tour

Introducing an example of how to enjoy the Okinawa Kerama snorkeling tour.

1. Required time

The Kerama snorkeling tour has a course that you can enjoy quickly. If you have a limited amount of time on your trip to Okinawa and want to experience as many things as possible, we recommend taking the 2-hour course (Ginowan/Chatan area) or the 3.5-hour course. Click here for snorkeling tour detailsOn the other hand, for those who want to take their time and fully enjoy the Kerama sea, not only the default planIt is possible to set a plan according to your desired time and request. For example, "10:00 to 17:00 (7 hours course) snorkeling, skin diving, boat fishing experience", etc., we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

2. Meeting place

Aerial photo of Ginowan Marina

From Okinawa main island to Kerama Chibishi Atoll, depart from Ginowan Marina.The meeting place is near the outdoor bench in the yellow-roofed administration building.Ginowan Marina, which is located right in the middle of the main island of Okinawa, is about 15 minutes by car from Naha and Chatan, which has recently become popular as a base for traveling to Okinawa.Highly recommended for those staying in central Okinawa.

Map of Ginowan Marina

If you are going for the first time, you should be able to arrive without hesitation if you use the Ginowan Convention Center as a landmark.

3. Destination

The snorkeling tour will be Keisejima Chibishi Atoll in the Kerama Islands.

(2 hour course only Ginowan or Chatan area)Chibishi Atoll has three islands, Kamiyama Island, Kuefu Island, and Nagannu Island.

A photo of the Kerama Islands off the coast

|Kerama Snorkeling Tour Experience

This time, I will introduce Okinawa Kerama Chibishi Snorkeling (7 hours course).

Children aged 3 and above can participate in snorkeling, welcome drink, snorkeling set rental, bath towel, and underwater photo service.

The meeting place, Ginowan Marina, is across the road from ROUND 1 Ginowan. The lighthouse is the landmark.

Photo of Ginowan Marina Lighthouse

(Google Maps here)The parking lot is located in Ginowan Marina and can be used for 300 yen per day. You can also use the facility's shower for 160 yen.After joining the staff near the yellow-roofed administration building, we will move to the ship with a lunch box, a change of clothes, and sunscreen.

After completing the application form, wearing a life jacket, and explaining the precautions on board, it's time to set sail!Those who are worried should take motion sickness medicine in advance, as the boat may sway quite a bit.Arrive at the point after cruising for about 45 minutes. Snorkeling starts immediately after the snorkeling guide's briefing!Enter the sea and you will be surprised at how clear the water is! There are a lot of fish, and when you feed them, they come right in front of you. The coral reefs are also beautiful and you can fully enjoy the world in the sea.I was able to meet the long-awaited sea turtle!

photo of sea turtle in the sea

Luckily, I was able to meet sea turtles many times that day! "You have a high chance of seeing it during the tour."

Lunch on the boat. Lunch with a view of the Kerama Blue Sea is exceptional!You can also try skin diving.There are various types of coral and fish that can be seen at different points, and I thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling until the very end.During snorkeling, the guide will take pictures and give you free data.

Underwater photos of Kerama Snorkeling

There is also a shot like this, looking up at the surface of the water from the sea!

I will never forget the beauty of the surface of the sea that glitters in the sunlight when seen from underwater.

For those who want to enjoy the sea of Kerama, this tour is definitely recommended! After snorkeling, you can use the shower inside the boat. You can also rent bath towels.A full-fledged Kerama snorkeling tour that you can enjoy empty-handed as long as you have a swimsuit.please check it!Check Okinawa Kerama Chibishi Snorkeling Tour

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