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ショップ紹介: 詳細

​ship introduction

アンカー 1

​ Recreational fishing boat business registration number Okinawa 1174
Naluwan Okinawa owns a YAMAHA AX220, 115 hp engine.

It is a boat that allows you to fully enjoy a day at sea, from cruising to snorkeling, fishing and towing.

Please enjoy the sea of Okinawa to your heart's content with the sea multiplayer that can be used for any kind of play.


transom deck

Equipped with a transom step for peace of mind when towing or snorkeling


bow rail

​ Bow deck is equipped with rails (handrails). You can enjoy fishing with peace of mind even from the bow.


eye pilot

Accurately reach the target point by remote control using GPS technologyEnable positioning.



The bow deck, which is large enough for two people to stand, provides a comfortable fishing space.


​Maximum capacity of 7 people

Equipped with a seat where everyone can sit facing forward. We promise comfortable cruising.


Private toilet space

Safe for women and small children. Equipped with a private toilet space.

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