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​plan schedule for the day

Okinawa surfing guide
​boat entry code
the source
​ (Total time required: about 2 hours 40 minutes to 3time 30 minutes)


Naruwan Okinawa Marine Service's surfing guide meeting place for snorkeling/fishing boat/surfing shop in Okinawa

(Required time about 10minutes)

・On the day of the course, please gather near the management building of Ginowan Port Marina (the benches in the lawn area on the right side of the management building facing the sea) at least 10 minutes before the start time. (not in the administration building)

・Fill out the tour reception form and head to the boat after payment.

・If you come by car,You can use the parking lot in Ginowan Port Marina for 300 yen per day. There are parking lots for ship owners and general parking lots, but please use the general parking lots.


Departure to ​point
(Required time about 15~40minutes)

Once you get on the boat, the staff will give you instructions and explanations about boarding the boat.

Please be sure to wear a life jacket while on board.

here we go! We will finally leave the marina for the point!

The travel time from the marina to the point is 15 to 20 minutes in the near area and 30 to 40 minutes in the distant area.

Cruising boat of Naruwan Okinawa Marine Service, a snorkeling/fishing boat/surfing shop in Okinawa


Briefing (explanation) before surfing

​point arrival/briefing
(required time about 10 minutes)

After arriving at the point, the instructor will give a briefing (explanation). We will explain surf points, wave characteristics, entry and exit methods, local rules, and dangerous areas.

Reef breaks in Okinawa have unique characteristics, so please listen carefully to the instructor's explanation. Boots are recommended for those unfamiliar with the reef.


enjoy the course
(Required time approx.2 hours)

After the explanation, we will surf at a wave and pace that suits each level. Please be assured that the instructor will always support you by your side.
If the timing is right, I will shoot with an underwater camera, and I will give you the data of the photo for free. (Please post a review.)

A man surfing in the sea of Okinawa
Ginowan Port Marina is home to Naruwan Okinawa Marine Service, an Okinawa snorkeling/boat fishing/surfing shop.


​ Return to the marina and disperse
(required time about 15~40minutes)

After completing the course, return to the marina. After changing clothes, we will be dissolved.

marinaYou can use the shower facilities (paid) in the administration building.We also have a simple shower on board, so please use it.

Let's enjoy together again. thank you very much.

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